Mr Breeze’s Premium NFTs: Race to the stars Project

So what is the “Race to the Stars Project”? At first, it was only a vague idea, but it has grown in size from a single collection to a heavily scripted, Play-to-Earn, multi-collection NFT game. We at Mr Breeze’s are not programmers, though, but content creators and artists that love to simply, create. And so we decided to do what we do best, draw and write tons and tons of content, develop the story, potential game mechanics, and most of all, give it away. Everything. All art and text on this website are free to use by anyone who wants them. You like our game and think you and a small team will be able to create it? Go ahead! You need additional artwork. Get it from us, for free. You need additional text for the game creation? No problem, just send us a message via any platform.

Now, without further ado, let us introduce the three collections that participate in the Race to the Stars.

The Loonies: These are our Heroes. They come with different traits which will influence their ascension speeds. Along the way, they will subject themselves to an untold number of dangers that will try to pop them at every step.

The AF: The Assisting Faction is an upcoming collection of NFTs which serve to support both sides of the conflict. These (mostly friendly) NFTs will make or break the success of many Loonies and The OF players.

The OF: the Opposing Faction is a group of Antagonists specifically created to stop the Loonies from achieving their goals. These mostly lone predators and their AF are a serious threat to our heroes.

meet our two narrators

From start to finish, Fred and Frank will be there explaining and commenting on everything around Mr Breeze’s Premium NFTs: Race to the Stars Project. On the menu are: potential tokenomics, game mechanics, in-depth review of the playable NFTs, Level Intro and Outro conversations, danger guide, social media exposure… you name it and Fred and Frank will dabble in it in some form or other.

Fredricos De La Locomotive

An expert in asking questions and master of summaries, Fred is an avid supporter of The Loonies. He aims to collect questions from the community and ask them to Frank, the know-it-all who has an answer on everything.
Fred: “Welcome folks, my name is Fred, and we gathered here today to witness an ascension. A transformation of sorts. Evolution at its core. All participants have gathered here, arriving from all over the world, hoping to be the first to reach the stars. The weather forecast is sunny, with a slight breeze from the southwest. The air is clear and visibility excellent. While we wait for all racers to take their positions, grab your popcorn, beer and snacks, you’re in for a ride, people!
With us now is Frank Oberstiegel van Krankenhausen. Welcome Frank, what can you tell us about the race to the centre of the universe?” 

Frank: “Hi there. Glad you asked, Fred. First of all, I can tell you that each and every one of the competitors is filled to the brim with Hopeium. Their wishes and inflated dreams, lighter than air, are the fuel that facilitates the travel up to space. ...Read More
Frank Oberstiegel van Krankenhausen

Our resident annoying know-it-all who tends to make bad jokes. Somehow we doubt that he likes the Loonies very much. But for all his fault, he does actually have a lot of information to share with everyone.

secure your spot!

By holding a Mr Breeze Premium NFTs: Loonies, you will not only become part of the coming metaverse,
but you are also sure to be rewarded in other ways.