Leg 1: Popping-Power


Fred: “Do you see that? Frank? Isn’t it beautiful?”

Frank: “Huh, what? No, that’s just a sea of Solloons down there. The real beauty about what’s happening here is those crisscrossing fudlines you see up there. Through each of them runs at least two megafud! Can you believe it? That’s enough to pop a whole army of Solloons and then some.”

Fred: “Fraaaaank!”

Frank: “But that’s not all. If you take a close look at those cables, you will see that they are covered in dangerous Tweedles. These are sharp, very damaging, and shoot out once in a while, popping any unlucky contestant in its path. None of those Solloons will survive this!”

Fred: “Fraaaaank, that’s enough now! These people came here to see their favourite participant make their way through an obstacle course. And you know very well that all of our Solloons will only lose their Hopeium and fall to the ground again, where they will be prepped for the next round.”

Frank: “So? It’ll still be fun to see them flutter back down. I mean…”

Fred: “Okay, folks! I hope you are excited for the first round of the first Race to the Stars!”


Fred: “Well, there you have it, folks, who would have thought … coming in at first place, huh?”

Frank: “Well, it was too much to hope for that they would have all popped in this here first round. I can’t wait until we leave the atmosphere, though. From then on, things will get much more interesting.”

Fred: “Fraaaank, don’t give too much away at this point.”

Frank: “Don’t worry, Fred, I won’t. I wanna see their shocked faces when…”

Fred: “Thanks for being here today, folks. See you soon on the second leg of: The Race to the Stars.”